Monday, December 15, 2008


I just got back from my 10-day trip to Buenos Aires today... what a blast! One of our little missions was to find some sort of spanish-speaking electronic toy to infuse with some sort of electronic diablo.

This one's for DanB... and so I'm sure he'll have a marvelous composition/video ready to post for us fairly soon. New device features include 1/4" output, pitch/rate knob, distortion switch and psycho loop switch.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Casio Quellotone

Here it is, Mike:

The Casio MT-45 circuit bent for Quell, features:
- Installed optical "theremin" with accompanying blinky light
- mute/mod switches for Hi-Hat sounds
- 4-way glitch joystick with alien filters and harmonies
- 3 body contacts for bitcrushed BROWN NOTES, special for the Reverend Moquell

There were times I thought this whole thing was wrecked. Up until the last minute, half of the keys weren't even working. At one point I was getting no audio at all -- fearing that I had crossed something hot and blown out a chip. I spent more time fixing things I'd snapped, unsoldered and burnt than I did adding new features! I couldn't resist adding the blinky opto-theremin thing either. The idea is to reflect the blinking *LAZERBEAM* back onto the photocell to make it freak out more.

SO MIKE -- the deal is, you have to post some freakout acid jams for us now. Maybe you can finally record the soundtrack to that new Unicorn-Cardiologist-Outer-Space-Western cartoon drama you've been working so hard on!