Monday, October 5, 2009

Seizure Specs

...well ANTI-seizure specs, anyway: Sometimes at rock concerts, the flashing lights make Barrie a little sick. She doesn't have epileptic seizures or anything but definitely strobe-light-induced discomfort. Barrie's ordinary "home remedy" is holding up a cell-phone screen or other bright light right up to her eyes to drown out the strobe lights and sorta just calm down or otherwise NOT vomit and pass-out. A regular blindfold doesn't work because the stage lights are just too ferocious! SO! A plan...

Here's a pair of stunna shades grown fresh in the parking lot across the street from Amoeba on Haight st., with just enough excess plastic to hot-glue on some low-voltage medical technology. Just a switch and some painfully bright LEDs -- which I actually had to dremel-down to actually fit them between the inside of the lens and the EYEBALL!

Definitely the spookiest contraption yet.
What's everyone gunna be for Halloween?