Friday, November 14, 2008


's my brand new homemade analog synth, inspired by the Thingamagoop, but designed from scratch by Zippy. It's controlled by three mercury tilt-switches and of course, buttons-and-knobs. Fun to play! The sound changes as you rotate the thing. It's brain is seven square-wave oscillators: three for the "notes," three for the blinky lights, and one for the "tremolo" mod. The whole thing mounts on a round, blank circuit board and fits inside this acrylic rocks-glass I got at Lucky's!!!! 1/4" output also installed to crank-it-up and annoy the neighbors.

This was a big one. Took me about a month to finish, doing a lot of testing, learning, ordering wrong parts and re-ordering... It took a lot of science to make this happen!

also, it runs on WAY less than 2.2 Gigawatts... only 9V.